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SynFoam SV are high performance syntactic foams designed for use in subsea void filler applications. SynFoam SV can be used to fill open cavities or voids in various structures. Our void filler kits are provided as three components which are easily mixed together and then cast to their final density. Component A is a high performance, low viscosity epoxy that has been formulated for high compressive strength and to provide excellent processing characteristics. Component B is a low viscosity polyamide hardener which can be cured over a wide temperature range while possessing a low exotherm. Component C is made of free flowing hollow glass microspheres that provide the low density and hydrostatic properties of the final syntactic foam.

SynFoam SV void filler kits are available as 0.5 cubic foot kits, 1.0 cubic foot and 7.0 cubic foot kits. SV can be machined or finished within 24 hours of pouring and full properties will be realized after 7 days of ambient temperature cure. SynFoam can also provide custom casting services and tailor densities to user specifications. If a very low density is required please look at our SG line of products which are two component castable kits.

Standard Properties

Grade Density,
Depth Rating,
Service Pressure,
Water Absorption,
24 hrs at depth
Hydrostatic Crush,
Compressive Strength,
Compressive Modulus,
SV-37 37 ± 2 1,400(4,615) 2,000 < 2% 6,000 5,300 210,000
SV-44 44 ± 2 3,500(11,482) 5,000 < 2% 6,900 6,250 250,000
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