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SynFoam HTC is a castable syntactic foam that has exceptional dielectric and low loss properties. SynFoam HTC can be used at temperatures up to 180oC and is resistant to water, chemcicals, and hydrocarbon fluids. The castable nature of the product eliminates the need for machining and is suitable for use with standard RTM and mix-meter equipment. The surface finish of parts molded from SynFoam HTC varies from high gloss to matte depending on the finish of the mold. SynFoam HTC has been used in the fabrication of radomes, antennas, reflectors, and radar absorbing coomposites.

SynFoam HTC is available as 1, 2, and 5 gallon kits. Each kit contains an A and B side that must be mixed together prior to casting. SynFoam HTC will require a temperature of 150oF to cure with higher postcure temperatures recommended to reach the maximum service use temperature. Please consult the appropriate instructions prior to using HTC.

If you have a specific mold for use with SynFoam HTC we also provide final casting and fabrication services.

Standard Properties

Grade Density,
Compressive Strength,
Compressive Modulus,
Dielectric Constant
Tg, oC
CTE, ppm
Sound Velocity, m/s
HTC-38 38 ± 2 5,200 230,000 1.85 180 38.0 2,600
HTC-43 43 ± 2 9,000 280,000 1.95 180 50.2 2,700
HTC-48 48 ± 2 18,000 410,000 2.05 180 49.5 2,950
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