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SynFoam SI is a RTV silicone rubber based syntactic foam that can provide for continuous exposure up to 350oF. The system is suitable for both electronic potting and encapsulation. SynFoam SI is a closed cell foam that is easy to cast in place and will provide a smooth surface. SynFoam SI is ideal for shock and vibration dampening applications requiring a lightweight, flexible material with excellent thermal and electrical properties. SynFoam SI has found use as a lightweight reinforcement for drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles.

SynFoam SI grades are available as 1 gallon and 5-gallon kits. We also provide custom coloring of SI products. Please contact us with any coloring requirements and any specifications that those colors must meet. A technical data sheet is available upon request.

Standard Properties

Grade Density,
Non-Volatile Content Thermal Conductivity
Dielectric Strength
SI-16 16 100% 0.4 3,900 V-0
SI-23 23 100% 0.5 3,900 V-0
SI-29 29 100% 0.6 3,900 V-0
SI-47 47 100% 0.8 3,900 V-0
SI-55 55 100% 0.9 3,900 V-0
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