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Many of our customer's don't have the capability to machine and fabricate the final product made with SynFoam, so they turn to us to provide the final assembled product . Typical assembly of large syntactic structures requires the bonding of individual blocks and/or pieces to accommodate CNC or other machining methods. Following machining, each component is then bonded to form one large structure. Many SynFoam structures are then further reinforced with fiber-glass reinforced resin to strengthen the product. The final step is to coat with a marine based paint to increase the overall the impact resistance of the SynFoam and also adds a more cosmetic appearance to the final product.

Simply provide us with a drawing of your final product and we can quote you on the cost and time required to manufacture it for you.

If you don't see something that fits your specific needs, we can custom tailor a grade of syntactic foam to meet your needs. Past custom formulations have included increasing toughness, improving thermal conductivity, modifications with wax additives, and tailored dielectric properties. o project is too big or too small and we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to meet their unique needs in a timely fashion.

Sometimes standard size materials won't be adequate for our customers so we do our best to custom mold products that meet their project requirements. We have custom molded various size SynFoam blocks, radomes, and tooling boards.

With over 15 years of experience in the field of syntactic foams, our technical staff is prepared to take on custom projects to help you research needs in synfoam....