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SynFoam ELG is a two part closed cell syntactic resin system that is based on epoxy rather than polyurethane chemistry. ELG can withstand continuous exposure up to 300oF and retain it's rigidity. SynFoam ELG has low dielectric loss and dielectric properties. The weight is significantly lower than most low loss materials used for electronic applications. The system is suitable for both electronic potting and encapsulation as well as structural support. SynFoam ELG has been used to provide support for drones, adding significant impact resistance and strength without compromising the weight of the drone. SynFoam ELG is shipped as two components which when mixed together can be poured and cast into various shapes and sizes.

SynFoam ELG is available in 1 and 5 gallon kit sizes. Each kit contains an A and B side that must be mixed together prior to casting. SynFoam ELG does not require temperature to cure, but requires higher postcure temperatures to reach the maximum service use temperature. Please consult the appropriate instructions prior to using ELG.

Standard Properties

Grade Density,
Compressive Strength,
Flex Strength,
Dielectric Constant
Dissipation Factor
Tg, oF
ELG-5 5 85 105 1.05 0.001 300
ELG-10 10 450 325 1.15 0.003 300
ELG-15 15 1,280 900 1.32 0.004 300
ELG-25 25 2,800 2,600 1.45 0.005 300
ELG-35 35 5,800 5,100 1.75 0.008 300
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