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Synfoam HT Syntactic Foam

SynFoam HT is a high performance, light weight pre-cast syntactic foam that provides the best combination of high temperature resistance and dielectric properties. SynFoam HT has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and good strength. In addition to being used for weight reduction SynFoam HT is also used in the microwave industry because of the dielectric properties which show outstanding performance over a wide frequency range up to 10 GHz. SynFoam HT is an ideal structural core material for applications that will be exposed to higher temperatures and has been used to replace honeycomb structures. SynFoam HT is chemically stable, UV resistant and does not absorb water.

SynFoam HT is available as 4” x 12” x 12” fully cured blocks. The blocks may be further machined into different sizes and shapes by the end user to meet the necessary specific tolerances and requirements. Our syntactic foam is easily bonded together with the use of our syntactic adhesive to form large structures.

If you have a specific design for use with SynFoam HT we also provide final fabrication services. Services include machining, assembly, and finishing with a quality coating.

Standard Properties

Grade Density,
Compressive Strength,
Compressive Modulus,
Dielectric Constant
Tg, oC
CTE, ppm
Sound Velocity, m/s
HT-14 14 ± 2 500 35,000 1.2 180 13.1 1,600
HT-17 17 ± 2 950 40,000 1.3 180 15.0 1,800
HT-19 19 ± 2 1,350 50,000 1.4 180 16.5 1,950
HT-25 25 ± 2 1,700 190,000 1.5 180 19.2 2,300
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