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SynFoam's low density, high strength, and good insulating properties make it a good choice as an offset for typical materials used in the transportation industry. SynFoam provides a lower weight than typical construction materials with no sacrifice in performance. It is transparent to radio waves thus improving communication. SynFoam has been used as wall and floor panelling in subway cars.

SynFoam is typically provided as cast sheets for the transportation industry but custom products have been formulated for specific projects.

Photo of SynFom LFR Syntactic Foam.

SynFoam LFR: Flame Retardant Castable Syntactic

SynFoam LFR is a low density, closed cell syntactic foam resin system SynFoam that provides flame retardant properties. LTF provides far greater strength, stiffness, impact absorption, and shear properties than standard core materials. Can be used for RTM and vacuum bagging.
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Photo of SynFom LG Syntactic Foam.

SynFoam LFS: Low Fire and Smoke

Specially formulated low fire and smoke grades will meet the stringent LFST requirements for the construction and transportation industry. SynFoam LFS is easy to install and machine, saving the end user significant costs when used as a replacement for concrete or stone. LFS has been used in the manufacture of soundproof walls and radiant heat panels in subway cars. Request Tech Data Sheet

Photo of SynFom LG Syntactic Foam.

SynFoam MF: MacroFoam

A specially formulated foam material that uses macrospheres in addition to microspheres to create low density products, MacroFoam can be supplied as large 8 inch thick panels. It is used as a replacement for structural core materials.
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