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SynFoam AD s a two component, room temperature curing, castable syntactic designed for casting lightweight complex shapes, where the need for acoustic transparency is a priority. Synfoam AD shows high levels of echo reduction both at ambient pressure and at operating depth. It has been used in the manufacture of sonar domes and sonar windows in submarines. The cast product provides an acoustically transparent housing that surrounds and protects a marine ship’s sophisticated sonar transducer array.

SynFoam AD is available as 1, 2, and 5 gallon kits. Each kit contains an A and B side that must be mixed together prior to casting. Cure is achieved within 24 hours and full properties will be realized after 7 days at room temperature. Densities can be customized to the user's specifications. Please consult the appropriate instructions for limitations of depth of cure.

If you have a specific mold for use with SynFoam AD we also provide final casting and fabrication services. Services include casting and finishing with a quality paint.

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Standard Properties

Grade Density,
Compressive Strength,
Sound Velocity
AD-30 30 ± 2 800 1,100
AD-40 40 ± 2 2,100 1,400
AD-50 50 ± 2 3,800 1,690
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