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SynFoam SW is a pressure resistant syntactic foam designed to provide buoyancy for underwater depths up 1,000 meters. SW is a closed cell foam that is easy to machine and will provide a smooth surface after sanding. SynFoam SW is ideal for underwater robotics, vehicles, flotation, pumps and as a core material. SynFoam SW resists water absorption and provides excellent performance for in shallow subsea applications. It has been used as a replacement for PU and PVC based foams due to its higher strength, better chemical resistance, and UV stability.

SynFoam SW is available as 6” x 12” x 24” fully cured blocks. The blocks may be further machined into different sizes and shapes by the end user to meet the necessary specific tolerances and requirements. Our syntactic foam is easily bonded together with the use of our syntactic adhesive to form large structures.

If you have a specific design for use with SynFoam SW we also provide final module fabrication services. Services include machining, assembly, and finishing with a quality marine based paint.

Standard Properties

Grade Density,
Depth Rating,
Service Pressure,
Water Absorption,
24 hrs at depth
Compressive Strength,
SW-5 5 ± 1 50(170) 75 < 5% 110
SW-9 9 ± 1 100(325) 145 < 5% 300
SW-12 12 ± 2 150(500) 225 < 5% 520
SW-15 15 ± 2 200(650) 290 < 5% 650
SW-18 18 ± 2 500(1,650) 735 < 5% 930
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