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SynFoam RAM is a series of lightweight, high performance broadband RF absorbing materials. It can be used to reduce reflections inside radomes and antennas as well as anechoic chambers and electronic cabinets.

SynFoam RAM are available as either higher density and rigid sheets based on epoxy or flexible sheets that can contour to surfaces which are based on silicones and polyurethanes. Standard sheet sizes are 12x12 inch or 24x24 inch with a standard thickness of 0.250 or 0.500 inch. In addition to standard sheets we can provide services to manufacture SynFoam into custom shapes and designs needed for your specific RF application. We also have a series of castable RF materials called SynFoam RAM-C.

For more information about the performance and electrical properties of our RAM materials please contact us by email or by phone..

Standard Properties

Grade Density,
Thermal Expansion Thermal Conductivity
Service Temperature, oF Water Absorption Dielectric Strength, V/mil
RAM-E 45 45 6x10-5 6.0 0 to 400 <0.5% 150
RAM-E 55 55 6x10-5 6.0 0 to 400 <0.5% 150
RAM-S 30 30 6x10-5 10.0 -55 to 400 <5% 400
RAM-S 20 20 6x10-5 10.0 -55 to 400 <5% 400
RAM-U 10 10 6x10-5 6.0 -55 to 250 <0.5% 200
RAM-U 5 5 6x10-5 6.0 -55 to 250 <0.5% 200
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