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SynFoam HG is a unique, very high strength castable syntactic foam that provides low density. It is suitable for numerous marine and aerospace applications where machining of parts is either impractical or too expensive.

SynFoam HG exhibits low shrinkage and is resistant to water, oils, and fuels. The castable nature of the syntactic eliminates the cost and waste associated with machining.

SynFoam HG is provided as a custom cast product that will be made to your specifications. Please contact us to discuss using SynFoam HG with custom molds.

Standard Properties

Grade Density,
Depth Rating,
Service Pressure,
Water Absorption,
24 hrs at depth
Hydrostatic Crush,
Compressive Strength,
Compressive Modulus,
HG-34 34 ± 2 5,500(18,000) 8,500 < 3% 12,300 8,900 220,000
HG-38 38 ± 2 8,200(26,900) 11,800 < 3% 17,500 11,800 240,000
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