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SynFoam FP is a two part, closed cell, foam in place polyurethane resin system. When cured, FP systems will provide a rigid structure that is capable of high temperature use up to 135oC. FP-3 is suitable for the encapsulation of electronic modules, rockets, satellites, and antennas. It has been used as a direct replacement for the discontinued Eccostock FPH

SynFoam FP is available in gallon and five gallon kit sizes. Each kit contains an A and B side that must be mixed together prior to casting. SynFoam FP does not require temperature to cure and is compatible with many molding materials. Please consult the appropriate instructions prior to using FP

Standard Properties

Compressive Strength,
Tensile Strength,
Dielectric Constant
Dissipation Factor
Dielectric Strength
FP-3 3 30 50 1.04 0.001 40
FP-5 5 150 100 1.10 0.003 40
FP-7 7 210 190 1.15 0.003 40
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