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SynFoam MW is a moderate cost, high performance syntactic foam designed for the most critical deep water applications. SynFoam MW has an excellent strength to weight ratio and a better cost/performance benefit than SynFoam DW. MW is typically chosen for use where cost rather than density is the primary factor in selection of syntactic foam for deep water applications. MW is offered in densities between 30 and 44 pounds per cubic foot and provides the performance necessary for standard 5K and 6K ROV's as well as other underwater vehicles where a high strength is required.

SynFoam MW is available as 6” x 12” x 24” fully cured blocks. The blocks may be further machined into different sizes and shapes by the end user to meet the necessary specific tolerances and requirements. Our syntactic foam is easily bonded together with the use of our syntactic adhesive to form large structures.

If you have a specific design for use with SynFoam MW we also provide final module fabrication services. Services include machining, assembly, and finishing with a quality marine based paint.

Standard Properties

Grade Density,
Depth Rating,
Service Pressure,
Water Absorption,
24 hrs at depth
Hydrostatic Crush,
Compressive Strength,
Compressive Modulus,
MW-30 30 ± 2 5,030(16,500) 7,510 < 1% 10,000 8,000 370,000
MW-34 34 ± 2 6,100(20,000) 9,110 < 1% 14,000 10,000 410,000
MW-38 38 ± 2 6,860(10,250) 10,250 < 1% 19,500 12,500 475,000
MW-44 44 ± 2 11,580(38,000) 17,300 < 1% 24,000 16,500 600,000
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