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SynFoam FP-3 is a two part, closed cell, foam in place polyurethane resin system. When cured, FP-3 will provide a rigid structure that is capable of high temperature use up to 135oC. FP-3 is suitable for the encapsulation of electronic modules, rockets, satellites, and antennas. It has been used as a direct replacement for the discontinued Eccostock FPH

SynFoam FP-3 is available in quart, gallon and five gallon kit sizes. Each kit contains an A and B side that must be mixed together prior to casting. SynFoam FP-3 does not require temperature to cure and is compatible with many molding materials. Please consult the appropriate instructions prior to using FP-3.

Standard Properties

Compressive Strength,
Flex Strength,
Dielectric Constant
Dissipation Factor
Dielectric Strength
3 30 25 1.04 0.001 40
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