SynFoam syntactic foam consists of hydrospace quality hollow glass microspheres dispersed in a high strength plastic matrix. Upon curing, the resultant syntactic foam composite provides high strength and low density with very low moisture absorption. Synfoam products are used in the marine and oceanographc industry for use as floats, buoys and as a void filler in submarines, capable of withstanding depths below 7,000 feet. SynFoam buoyancy modules are being used for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), deep water moorings, torpedo target and sonar arrays, and scientific instrument applications. Synfoam products are also used in aerospace industries as cores for sandwich structures and as a repair and replacement for existing honeycomb structures. SynFoam products can also be tailored to meet acousti characteristics such as transparency, absorption, reflection, and refraction in underwater applications including transducer isolators and decouplers in addition to providing buoyancy related properties.

General industrial uses include use as a tooling material, offering the workability of wood with the dimensional stability of metal. SynFoam permits overall vehicle weight reduction, reducing fuel consumption and increasing payload capacity and is suitable for use where a high strength to density ratio is required.

UDC has recently developed extremely lightweight foams with good retention of strength, offering a unique, low cost alternative to other syntactic foams on the market.